Charybdis was a prosperous world located in The Frontier. Initially established as an agricultural world by the IMC, over the years, waves of colonists settled on the planet in order to take advantage of low property prices and cost of living, as well as the generally unmolested beauty of the world's many biomes. When the IMC returned to the Frontier and its many worlds, its population and economy continued to grow with minimal damage to the ecosystem.

When the Titan Wars broke out in the Frontier, Charybdis remained firmly on the side of the IMC, citing its continued prosperity under their rule, and became a main recruiting planet for the mega-conglomerate's corporate armies and fleets. This made Charybdis a target the Militia couldn't risk passing up. For years, members of the Militia High Command wanted to commit their forces to a direct assault on Charybdis, hoping the damage inflicted would severely cripple the manpower received by the IMC, though these plans never came to fruition due to Charybdis' heavy defenses.

When the IMC refueling stations on Demeter were destroyed in an all-or-nothing assault by the Militia, those commanders that had been pushing for an assault finally got their wishes. Two years after the Battle of Demeter, the IMC's defenses had been spread thin, with units being removed from guard duty and placed in active combat. This left a hole in the planet's defenses that were quickly exploited by the Militia, who landed several regiments on the planet over the course of several months. In mid-August, the Militia forces were discovered by the IMC and heavy fighting soon erupted across the planet. Due to the lack of fleet support, Militia forces would retreat into the planet's vast wilderness in order to hide from, or ambush, IMC patrols.