"The chinese models are a good start for a new wave of Titan development around the world, but of course the IMC should still limit their production rates, and innovations gained from them. Its a nice archivement we can show that we dont exclude anyone"- The Chairman.

History and Description Edit

WIP The medium sized Atlas, the lightweight Stryder and the Ogre heavy class were all designed in only one place: South-Africa, the seat of the IMC and technological centre of Earth (& in turn, the main headquarters of the IMC lead government). This led of course to a slight dissapointment of the other shareholders as IMC is a global but still international conglomerate. Thanks to the IMC owned manufactory in Beijing, a new proposal was made to allow the development of Titans if they meet the specs.

The Jadeblade is a small Titan class designed and manufactured by Chen Industries of China, after Chen Industries split of from the IMC. Gracefull in design and clad in simple but durable materials, The Jadeblade one of the fastest and most agile Titan variants, but its armor is almost non-existent, even less than the Stryder model. More suitable in hit-and-run tactics, the Jadeblade is more build for melee and sudden strikes, only to disappear.

The Jadeblade inspired the introducion of foreign models from companies within the IMC.

When ready, activating the Jadeblades`s 'ECM-Armour' ability protects it from being attacked by guided and energy based weapons, while also reducing damage from ballistic weapons by jamming their accuracy by 50%.

Strategies Edit

The Jadeblade is crazy fast, favouring speed and mobility over the other Titans, more suited for hit and run. Long range weapons such as the Type-112 Flack-Cannon or the QBZ-22 Bullpup are an ideal fit for this class, maximizing close ranged damage while avoiding long range engagements, as the Jadeblade is unlikely to survive being attack from the other Titans. If one is forced in to a direct battle with other Titans, it is best to use the ECM-Armour to escape.

Trivia Edit

  • The Jadeblade incorporates some elements from chinese culture, espically in its nose art and design.
  • The Jadeblade resembles the Scoot Vehicles from Steel Lancer Arena International.
  • When using melee and executing an Titan, its melee attack is a shoutout to the anime "Fist of the North Star".