"As the chairman of IMC, I really dislike of why our Chinese subsides always held back their own designs for the Chinese market, it would mean more profit aside from the war again the rebels of the MCOR"- The Chairman.

Still a prototype, the chinese QBU-57 Smartgun was designed curiosly from the ground up instead from the Smart-Pistol series, as one might think.


Its bullpup configuration and dominance of bright and readily shades and colors like red and green makes the QBU-57 a standout example of IMC design. Also chinese characters and the symbol of Chen Industries and IMC-NORINCO adorn its frame. The "Smart" aiming system works different then that of the Smart-Pistol Mk.5: Instead of homing bullets, its electronic auto-aim corrects the weapon itself for high-accuracy shots through a system of gyroskops and magnetic stabilizators. The projectiles fired are standard 14,5mm NORINCO rounds, making reloading this weapon both easy and cheap. Some weakness include the relative low firepower and low accuracy without an lock.

Revealed facts uncovered by IMC-NORINCO:

  • Firerate is presumed to be 850 to 1200 RPM.
  • Projectiles can pierce up to 20mm titanium armor.
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • The 200' magazine can be replaced by an intern, larger clip with a capazity of 500' making reloads almost redunant (and much more difficult).


  • Of course that weapon is based on the infamous M56 Smartgun, albeit designed in the asthetics of both Titanfall and chinese modern firearms.