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"The Knights? Their fucking psychopaths thats what they are. But thankfully, they won't bite the hand that feeds them... let's just hope the Militia don't try to pay them any better."- Unknown IMC executive

The Knight Corps are a ruthless band of ex-militants and elite Titan Pilots who have formed a mercenary group under the command of the mysterious Titan Wars veteran known only by his callsign, Destroyer. Noted to be firmly in the IMC's pocket, at least for now, the Knight Corps make the standard brutality of the IMC's private army look downright civil by comparison.



The Knight Corps' origins are shrouded in myth and legend, much like their enigmatic and terrifying leader. The truth of the matter though, is quite simple. The founder of the Knights, a mercenary known only by his call-sign, Destroyer, was heavily reputed to have served in the Titan Wars under the IMC's banner. Destroyer became a dark legend of the War, sparking fear and paranoia whenever his very name was spoken. He was reputed to have singlehandedly annihilated entire squads of pilots, and his reputation was such that even the IMC's rank and file grunts did not believe the stories... until they saw his Ogre, with its infamous jet fighter smile and black body paint, devastate the enemies ranks.

During the Titan Wars, Destroyer had gathered a small following of other professional killers. By the end of the Wars, he had amassed a small army, mostly of ex-IMC grunts who gradually joined up with the legendary pilot in hopes of cashing in on his reputation. This group would become the infamous Knight Corps, and they were officially formed as their own private military corporation. (though more akin to legitimized pirates)

Early YearsEdit

In the beginning, the Knight Corpse were little more than one Titan Pilot and a handful of mercs. Most of their contracts were low level security detail and quelling civil unrest, as well as being sent in as cheaper, more cost effective shock troops. Slowly but surely however, the Knight Corps became the go-to mercenaries for the IMC's interests in the Frontier. They were ruthless, coordinated, and highly effective. Even their average mercs were outfitted with the best gear their employer (with his vast pool of resources that he had garnered during the Titan Wars) could buy.

Over time, other pilots and mercenaries joined the Knight Corps, many of them ex-planetary militia and IMC employees who heard that the Corps pays far better than their former employers. Of course, only the toughest and most ruthless make the cut, due to the very intense screening program.

The Blood KnightsEdit

As tensions rose in the Frontier, the Knight Corps reputation only grew into one of both legendary and sinister proportions. They fought in covert operations for the interests of the IMC, in situations where the corporation would rather not have its private security force publicly present. From the brutal pacification of various rebellious worlds to outright genocide, the Knight Corps would preform any task for the right price. 

Their reputation came to a head when, at the very onset of the great Frontier War, the forces of the Knight Corps were reported to have been involved in the infamous Freya's Prospect Massacre, in which a pilot squad of six Knights, accompanied by a full battalion of Corps Mercs, butchered the entire planetary population of the small mining world of Freya's Prospect. The planets only colony, which had revolted against the IMC's iron grip due to a long list of grievances that included dangerous working conditions and the lack of hazard pay, was assaulted in the dead of its moonless night, and initial IMC propaganda reported the slaughter as a result of local wildlife so great was the carnage wreaked. Men, women, and children, all cut down by Titan weaponry and military grade firearms as the fled their burning homes in the dead of night. Freya's Prospect became a rallying cry for Militia forces all across the Frontier, and the Knights had cemented their position as the IMC's ruthless minions for the remainder of the war.


The Corps (a.k.a the Foots)Edit

The Corps (affectionately referred to as the "Foots" by their Pilot counterparts) are the Specters and Grunts that make up the main body of the Knight Corps, most of them are either ex-IMC private security, or are little more than pirates and mercenaries who were tough and mean enough to be accepted into the Corps. The Specters are considered rare and elite pieces of hardware in the Corps, and are generally upgraded far beyond what the standard first and second generation models the IMC and Militia have access to due to their privatized nature. Aside from their black uniforms and custom gear, the Corps seem little different from the average IMC or Militia Grunt, but they are far from the same. The Corps Mercs and Specters make up for their general lack of numbers with superior gear and training, plus their sheer, almost inhuman drive to totally butcher the enemy. The Foots can easily outperform the average Grunt, and are also trained in covert operations and advanced hand to hand combat techniques. Outstanding members of the Corps are:

Major Wolfe: The De-Facto commander of the Foots and second in command of the Knight Corps, Wolfe is also a decorated veteran of the Titan Wars, though he served as a mere foot soldier in the IMC's endless sea of private security personnel. He survived the Titan Wars with three confirmed Titan kills, a feat almost considered impossible for any regular infantry man. After his honorable discharge following the war, Wolfe joined and help found the Knight Corps, becoming the commander of the rank and file Foots and right hand man of Destroyer himself. Wolfe is rarely in the field, but when he is, he prefers his B3 Wingman and trusty Charge Rifle that saw him through the War, "Betsy".

Lieutenant Daughtry: A tenacious and effective field commander, Daughtry began life as little more than a failed pilot in the ranks of the Militia. She fought for a modest paycheck as little more than a legitimized terrorist until being discovered by the Corps IMC contacts. Daughtry was captured and given a choice, join the Corps, or rot in an IMC prison for the rest of her days. She chose well, and is now the Foots forward officer in most deployments.

The KnightsEdit

The Pilots of the Knight Corps, also known as the Knights, are at least sixteen strong and are considered some of the most deadly soldiers mankind has ever produced. They are as follows:

Destroyer: Enigmatic founder of the Corps and legendary Titan Pilot, Destroyer's past and real identity are a complete mystery. Many say he was the illegitimate child of an IMC executive and that he was subjected to some kind of top secret "super soldier program" at a young age, while others point to him being nothing more than some mercenary native to a backwater Frontier world of no repute. Whatever his past, the man known as Destroyer is a terrifying, cold blooded, killer. He is known for a lack of almost any human emotion, only revealing his predatory lust for combat whenever he has encountered a worthy adversary. Otherwise he is cold and professional, completely detached from his fellow mercenaries and the results of his actions. That being said, he is not a madman or battle-hungry brigand, but an opportunist. He seeks fortune, apparently so he can live in simple luxury and afford the best weaponry for his trusty Ogre Titan.

Destroyer's Titan is a Ogre model that has been heavily customized over the years, adding even heavier armored plating and shielding, as well as enhanced torque joints and hydraulics to keep its speed up to par and make its ability in melee combat beyond devastating. Destroyer's Ogre has been known to punch clean through other Titans so great is its strength. It is usually armed with a customized 40mm Cannon that features both an extended clip and three burst fire rate. The Custom 40mm also features specialized anti-titan shells that, when fragmenting against a shield or within the Titan itself, fires off shards of radioactive materials that scramble a Titans sensory equipment (I.E. the pilots HUD) and can kill the Titan Pilot within should one of these fragments puncture their skin. His Titan also features a standard vortex shield.

In the field Destroyer prefers his Custom R-101C Carbine and dual B3 Wingman revolvers, and would never enter the field of battle without his cloaking system and arc grenades.

Harkness: A disillusioned Militia Pilot who betrayed his brothers in arms for IMC amnesty and a hefty payoff, Harkness fell in with the Knight Corps when the group assaulted the Militia held world of Asthmos. Harkness had been captured and imprisoned by the rebels, and they intended to torture and kill him for his betrayal. Following his rescue and subsequent joining, Harkness proved to be a very valuable member, with years of experience behind various Titan models and at least twenty years of combat experience. Harkenss is cynical, sarcastic, and generally a pain in the neck to be around, but he is also loyal and extremely dependable in combat.

Harkness pilots a heavily customized Atlas, which features the classic black paint of the Knights as well as a bull's eye painted on the head of his Titan. His Atlas' Damage Core has been modified to last longer at the cost of potency, and its Vortex Shield has twice the duration rate of the average shield. His preferred weapon is his Customized XO-16 Chaingun, which fires armor piercing rounds and features an accelerator.

When on foot, Harkness preferes his EVA Shogtun and Hammond P2011, and he is usually armed with frag grenades. Harkness also has undergone a surgery that replaced his eyes with radar scanners, allowing him to see targets through walls at will.

Bauer: Ex-IMC Pilot who left the corporate life for a better pay in the Knight Corps, Bauer is a mercenary to the core, caring only for his job and to reap the benefits. Bauer is a hulking tank of a man, standing 7'1 and expertly trained in hand to hand combat. This ability extends to his Ogre Titan. Though dependable in combat, Bauer tends to let his adrenaline get the better of him, and he often puts himself in near suicidal situations only to fight his way out of it.

Bauer's Ogre Titan is designed to be nigh indestructible, and has had enhancements on its Shield Core and Vortex Shield, as well as increased armor plating and thrusters to increase his Titans dash ability to two dashes before the after burners need to cool. His Ogre has also had large titanium spikes mounted on its knuckles, and increased torque in its joints allow it to brutally crush any other Titan in his way. His preferred weapon is the Quad Rocket Launcher and a kit of Slaved Warheads. His Titan is noted for its "unique" decal on its head, which is a large middle finger in bright red.

On the ground, Bauer has only ever been known to use his Spitfire LMG and Archer Rocket Launcher, in addition to his Customized Data Knife that has the look and function of a WWII trench Knife. Bauer has had an adrenaline transfusion, allowing him to outpace and outfight any foe in hand to hand.

Franco: A psychopathic gunman and Titan Wars Veteran that was incarcerated in an IMC prison for eight years following the murder of his commanding officer and several other IMC officers, Franco was once an idealist, believing that he was fighting for peace and prosperity. But the Titan Wars broke him, and he became nothing more but a killing machine, ruthless, psychotic, and extremely unstable. His skill as a demolitions expert and Titan pilot made him a suitable candidate for the Knight Corps, who subsequently bought his contract. Though extremely dangerous, Franco has managed to control himself to become an effective team member, though his tendencies make his fellow pilots distance themselves from him.

Franco pilots his customized Atlas Titan, whose Damage Core has been upgraded to the point where he simply calls it an "Agro Core". This unique core increases the Titans damage output to the point that its continued use could cause the Titans reactor to overload should the core be activated for an extended period of time. His preferred weapons are a XO-16 Chaingun and a Vortex Shield.

On foot, Franco is armed with his EVA-8 Shotgun and a Sidewinder, along with a trusty crowbar and pair of frag grenades. Franco is also addicted to an experimental combat drug called "Stim-X" that increases his combat ability, while making his already unstable personality even more unpredictable.

Grimm: A mysterious mercenary that simply appeared in the Knights ranks at the behest of Destroyer, Grimm's origins are completely unknown. Even IMC's vast intelligence network can't get any solid intel on him, only that he appeared in the Frontier roughly twelve years ago and wreaked incalculable damage from the cockpit of his Atlas Titan for the highest bidder. He would eventually join the Knight Corps, apparently contacted by Destroyer himself. Grimm appears to be a practitioner of the ancient art of Voodoo, due to his skull face paint and various bone charms on his person.

Grimm's Atlas Titan is a sight to behold, having various occult symbols painted on it, sometimes in blood. His preferred weapon is a Customized XO-16 Chaingun, complete with a Titan scaled Bayonet. He also has a Vortex Shield and a Shoulder Mounted Mortar as his ordinance.

On foot, Grimm simply uses nothing more but a compact bow with interchangeable arrowheads, B3 Wingman, a cloaking system, and a very large data knife.

Izuko: Daughter of a pair of Space Pirates and self proclaimed wunderkin, Izuko is a ruthless pilot, remarkable markswoman, and technical wizard. She was recruited by the Knight Corps after the Knights obliterated her parents modest pirate fleet. During the battle she mounted an Atlas Titan and fought back in the large hangar of her parents flagship, though she was defeated by Destroyer, she proved herself a worthy opponent. Destroyer offered the then 15 year old Izuko a job rather than have her hang alongside her parents, and the ever opportunistic Izuko accepted. Now eighteen years old and budding into a proper sycophantic mercenary, Izuko is without a doubt one of the teams most deadly assets.

Izuko's Stryder Titan has been enhanced with various upgrades, many of which she added on herself, including a Damage Core in addition to the standard Dash Core, Electric Smoke, and a massive retractable wrist blade. Izuko's preferred weapon is her customized Plasma Railgun, which, at the cost of occasional overheating and much more rapid ammo consumption, fires at full charge every time. Her preferred ordinance is a kit of Cluster Missiles.

On foot, Izuko prefers her Smart Pistol and Longbow Sniper, and would never set foot on the battlefield without a pair of arc grenades and a radar pulse monocle.

Mo-Mo: Formerly a bodyguard for the crimelord of Sigmus IV, a world that used to be in the grip of the Militia, Mo-Mo is a heavy set bruiser who was trained by Militia forces to pilot a Titan. He proved a natural, but, unfortunately for the Militia, Mo-Mo turned out to be a double agent, having accepted a secret assignment to sabotage Militia defenses on Sigmus IV in return for a guaranteed job, lump sum of cash, and amnesty for his past crimes. During the battle, Mo-Mo turned his Ogre's Quad Rockets and Missile Volley systems on his former allies and proved pivotal to the IMC's victory. In return for his betrayal, Mo-Mo was given a job in the Knight Corps. An amicable and gregarious fellow by nature, Mo-Mo can get along with his crewmates well, though he is known for his violent temperament should he be crossed.

Mo-Mo pilots his Ogre Titan well, which is outfitted with a standard kit of Vortex Shields and a Shield Core. It also comes equipped with a Quad Rocket launcher and a Missile Volley system.

In combat outside of his Titan, Mo-Mo prefers his Custom R-97 SMG and a RE-45 Autopistol; as well as a pair of Satchel Charges and brass knuckles.

DEMO: A unique Atlas Titan that is designed to be piloted purely by a state of the art AI known only as DEMO, this warmachine is without a doubt one of the strangest and ruthless members of the Knights. DEMO began life as a simple combat algorithm to be input into the latest run of Mk II Specters, but became so much more when its developers in the Hammond Robotics R&D realized that the program was capable of learning. They perfected the design, and created a specialized Stryder model Titan whose cockpit was replaced with a cutting edge processor, a prototype robotic "brain" per say. The result was the warmachine codenamed DEMO. Initial field tests against Militia forces, including other pilots, were unmitigated successes, but, unbeknownst to DEMO's corporate masters, the machine had become self aware. DEMO eventually turned on its creators during a simple test run on a remote planet, locking its operators out of its mainfraime (a feat the development team considered impossible), killing its Titan escort, and escaping in a hijacked dropship. DEMO drifted in deep space for well over a month before the Corps happened upon it during a routine mission, and incorperaited the machine into their crew. DEMO itself works simply for the chance to pit itself against other pilots, to prove that it is the superior to any and all human pilots in the galaxy.

DEMO's Stryder Chassis is state of the art, with experimental systems such as EMP hardening, advanced shielding, and a prototype cloaking system coupled with multi-spectrum vision. It is usually armed with a powerful Arc Cannon, which, when combined with DEMO's advanced targeting system, can easily devastate entire platoons of infantry, eliminate enemy Titans, and even obliterate entire rocket salvos. His chassis is also outfitted with Electric Smoke dispensers, which allow him to shake off boarders and evade the enemy should they see through his cloaking.

Slim "Slick" Hardgrive: Ex-IMC Pilot and accomplished mercenary, Slick has fought on both sides of the Frontier Wars, and doesn't particularly care for either side. That being said, the IMC's money is just as good as anyone else's. Thus, he fell into the Knight Corps, and has worn the black uniform ever since. Though easy going and usually more interested in drink and small talk than anything else, Slick has razor sharp focus and a deadly temper.

Slick pilots a Atlas Titan, preferring to ambush his foes and rip them apart with his Triple Threat Grenade Launcher and Missile Volley kit. His Titan is also equipped with an Amped Damage Core, and a gigantic, Titan scaled Combat Knife. His Atlas also comes equipped with a Particle Shield.

When his Titan is not available, Slick arms himself with a custom G2A4 Rifle and an Archer Rocket Launcher. He uses a cloaking system in conjunction with experimental Electric Smoke Grenades.

Wilhelm: The latest addition to the Knights and one of its youngest members at only twenty years old, Wilhelm was kicked out of the IMC Security Force following an incident with a "malfunctioning" Atlas unit's trigger mechanism and Wilhelm's previous commanding officer. He was subsequently recruited by the Corps after he passed the screening process. Though a brilliant pilot, Wilhelm is as green as they get, and lacks much of the experience of the other Knights. He makes up for this in smarts and ruthless measures in combat to get the upper hand. Wilhlem's cutthroat attitude and habit of stabbing people in the back (both figuratively and literally) have made him no friends, but his skills behind the cockpit of his Atlas make him a valuable asset to the Knights.

Wilhelms Atlas Titan is more or less a stock model, with little different save for its black paint and the Knights insignia on its shoulder plate. His preferred weapon is XO-16 Chaingun and a missile volley system.

In the field, Wilhlem prefers his Hemlock BF-R and Data Knife. Wilhelm has also had his legs surgically replaced with robotic prosthesis to increase his speed and allow him to preform athletic feats most pilots would require a jet kit to preform.

Ivan: Once a loyal militiaman of his homeworld of Vesta III, Ivan left his homeworld with a handful of refugees when civil war broke out and the local government collapsed. Though the IMC eventually came and "subsidized" Vesta III's government, Ivan moved on, and became a well renowned mercenary with his Atlas Titan. Eventually he got onto IMC's payroll, and would end up in the Knight Corps as a matter of course. He is level headed, and calm, unlike the mostly rowdy gunhands of the Knight Corps, and maintains strict discipline, both on and off the field. Thus he is a natural choice for team leader, and Destroyer often delegates command to him in situations where the Knights must deploy separately or in small groups.

Ivan pilots a lightly customized Atlas Titan, armed with a X0-16 Chaingun and a Missile Volley kit. It also comes equipped with a Particle Shield.

On the ground, Ivan prefers the direct approach, a R-101C Carbine and B3 Wingman coupled with a Data Knife being his only comrades.

Garcia: A quiet, cigar chomping brute who likes getting payed and likes blowing all his money on liquor even more. Garcia's past is a long and bloody one of bad decisions and ill-gotten riches, but such a past is best left referenced to than outright explained for this mercenary. Garcia gets along well enough with his fellow Knights, though his slothenly demeanor and unhygienic lifestyle has made him the butt of many jokes.

Garcia pilots a more or less stock Atlas Titan, with the only real "upgrades" being a pair of drivers dice within the cockpit and a set of cup holders for fired chicken buckets. His Titan comes armed with a deadly 40mm Cannon, and a pair of wrist mounted flamethrowers to deal with entrenched infantry. His ordinance is a powerful Missile Volley.

Garcia is rarely seen outside of his trusty Titan, but when he is he certainly isn't in the best of moods. Garcia is often armed with a Sidewinder Missile Launcher and a B3 Wingman.

Chau: Once the spoiled child of a IMC executive, Chau--

Hanna: An IMC Military brat that grew up into her families proud tradition of serving the IMC in combat... unfortunately, her methods unnerved her superiors, and she was eventually discharged from the private security force... dishonorably.--

Blitz: A strange Specter model that appears to have taken on a personality all its own and has been programmed and modified to equal any human pilot, Blitz is an odd but undoubtedly effective killing machine that has proved itself a useful asset in nearly any situation. Blitz is cruel, ruthless, and has a sick sense of humor, but its also brilliantly intelligent and a masterful pilot. It has a constant rivalry with DEMO, and some suspect that Blitz is more than just some rich IMC executive's escaped toy. In truth, Blitz was once a dangerous Militia Pilot who, having involved himself in various illicit trades as a mercenary, had to find a way to dissapear. Using his ill-gotten wealth and military connections, Blitz had its consciousness installed into a Gen 1 Specter and never looked back.

Blitz Pilots an Atlas Titan, armed with a 40mm Cannon and an experimental aerial "gun drone" slaved to his Titan. This heavily modified search drone is armed with a machine gun and rocket launcher, both powerful enough to take down both infantry and Titan targets. The Titan also has a Vortex Sheild and  Damage Core.

On foot Blitz usually prefers a Z-23 Plasma Rifle and a Hammond P2011. Blitz is arguably one of the most deadly members of the group on foot, being enhanced with both Echo Vision and Cloaking, plus the ability to hack automated systems, from fellow Specters, to even Titans. (though the latter requires a physical connection and considerable time) Its mechanical nature allows it to easily overpower organic foes, and preform leaps and bounds so quickly that it can easily overtake a pilot with a jump kit. 


Logistics (a.k.a Camelot)Edit

Logistics, lovingly refereed to as "Camelot" by the members of the Corps, is home to the tech and tactical officers and professionals of the Knight Corps. They handle deployment, Titan assembly, and battlefield logistics. Officers are as follows:

Gorden Spitzer: Genius and malignant narcissist, Gorden is responsible for much of the advanced and customized gear both the Knights and the Foots are seen utilizing the in field. Originally a R&D scientist for IMC, was fired for his sever drug addiction to the narcotic known as "Loop", which causes waves euphoric and manic highs that are known to create a cyclical pattern of mood-swings upon ingestion. This causes Gorden to be extremely unstable, but he is also a very valuable asset, and thus accepted in spite of the security risk he poses.

Kaleidoscope: Once a IMC Spyglass Specter, Kaleidoscope is an aging model the Corps bought off the IMC years ago. In spite of its outdated design, it is still quite efficient as a tactician and Titan production officer. Kaleidoscope has been enhanced over the years to match modern models, and has been upgraded with the ability to directly control other Corps Specters in the field, allowing it to play the role of field commander as well.


Noteable EngagementsEdit